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Debunking Stucco Stigma

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Stucco | 0 comments

The word stucco has gotten quite an unfair stigma over recent years. Many have started to believe that stucco poses more of a problem than it is worth. Due to this unfair reputation, homes with stucco siding are often marketed at a lower value than other comparable homes. This article will examine some of the myths concerning stucco and the correct practices for installation, maintenance and upkeep that will have the stucco on your home standing up beautifully to the test of time and weather. We are here to prove to you that stucco is a fabulous option for siding your home and that it will continually add value to its appearance without the great hassle it has been unfairly known for.

Myth: Buying a home with exterior stucco is asking for trouble.

The biggest difference between stucco that poses a hazard and stucco that adds value and beauty to your home is whether it was installed by professionals and if it has been properly maintained. Stucco is a waterproof and moisture resistant material. It is also porous enough to allow water vapor to escape through small cracks to prevent the trapping of water moisture. If stucco is improperly installed, it will allow water to leak and penetrate the surface causing the stucco to deteriorate and pull away from its surface. This can also happen due to defects in waterspouts and gutters that are not properly repaired. Quality installation of stucco, like that provided by Denver Stucco & Stone, can prevent these issues before they are ever a problem. We use quality materials and installation practices that do not allow for water to leak behind stucco siding destroying the structure and appearance.

Myth: Stucco is difficult to maintain.

To answer this, we must ask: What are the correct maintenance practices?

Stucco should be regularly checked for large cracks and the root cause of cracking should be promptly determined. Once the cause is determined, it should be repaired immediately. Horizontal and vertical cracks could indicate a problem with the foundational settlement of the home. Homeowners often attempt to fix their cracking problems with impermeable paint. Stucco should be painted with permeable masonry paint that allows water vapor to escape through the pores of the stucco rather than trapping it inside.

Another part of stucco maintenance is regular professional inspection. This will give you the opportunity to spot issues before they become overwhelming. Professionals know exactly what to look for when checking for defects allowing you to zero in on problem areas and to have them repaired immediately.

Myth: All stucco poses the same problems making it not worth the effort.

Since we know that professional installation is the key to a great stucco exterior, let us ask: What is the difference between professional installation and subpar installation?

Professional stucco installation will use hard coat masonry stucco rather than synthetic stucco. Synthetic stucco should especially be avoided at all costs along with impermeable paints. Stucco can become pulled from its surface due to water trapped behind it. Sagging and bulging is an indicator of water moisture being trapped due to non-porous materials used in construction. Tapping the surface of your stucco siding with your hand or a screwdriver will indicate trapped moisture. A dull thud will alert you to stucco that will soon become detached. No matter what material you choose for your siding installation, it will need to be maintained so that it retains its quality throughout the years.

Myth: Stucco does not have a high aesthetic value.

This is a myth based on inferior installation. The European stucco look is considered one of the best and most attractive looks in architecture. The beauty of the stucco depends on the craftsmanship of the company that installs it. Synthetic stucco is the material that has given a bad reputation to stucco with its cheap and less than attractive appearance. It is synthetic stucco that wears away, cracks and chips easily and poses the biggest problems, along with its less than eye-catching appearance. Professional hard coat stucco, with proper maintenance, will last for many years maintaining its beauty and loveliness.

Who can install stucco professionally with a high aesthetic value?

Denver Stucco & Stone, as stucco contractors Denver, values our reputation as one of the top-rated contractors in Colorado. We use the EliteWall hard coat stucco system that guarantees great workmanship, beauty and high quality. We have spent over 35 years adding value and exquisite attractiveness to the exterior of homes. Due to this, we are professionals as stucco contractors Denver.

Many myths have been allowed to remain unchecked for many years when it comes to stucco. This is quite unfortunate considering the low-maintenance, natural look that constitutes fine stucco craftmanship. Stucco is an exquisitely beautiful and natural material for home siding when installed and maintained properly. This lovely material will maintain its value if you choose professional craftsmen to construct it for you. Hopefully this article has given you the information and education to debunk the negative stigma of stucco. Call a professional to further show you how stucco will benefit your family and home for years to come.

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