Denver Stucco & Stone EliteWall Stucco System

If you’re considering stucco siding or are looking for stucco repair in Denver, CO, look no further than the Denver Stucco & Stone EliteWall stucco system. There are many different products and approaches with stucco, particularly when it comes to installing stucco over siding. This is where we, and our proven processes as top-rated stucco contractors, shine the brightest. You see, we are not guessing what works, but rather employing a system that has been perfected by our Denver stucco contractors and installers from years of experience and proven techniques. The EliteWall stucco system is an upgraded hard-coat system, which is the best solution for applying stucco finishes over existing siding.

To offer the best finished product for the discerning homeowner, no step or option is left out with the EliteWall stucco system. Many of the steps we take are not offered by most of our competition. Such as the rolled fiberglass mesh added between the scratch coat and the brown coat, and top of the line elastomeric color coats. However, these extra steps are crucial to providing the very best, longest lasting end product. As experienced Denver stucco contractors, we can transform the look, efficiency and maintenance of your home very quickly, as most projects are completed over a 2-3 week period.

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Step 1: Consult & Design

Having your home stuccoed is a very exciting process, however, the initial decisions can seem daunting. At Denver Stucco & Stone, we want your project to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. To help achieve this, every customer is assigned a dedicated Project Manager.

Your Project Manager will be your go-to throughout the project. Think of them as your Home Improvement Concierge! Once you have decided to hire Denver Stucco & Stone for your next stucco siding project, your PM will be assigned. The PM will handle initial scheduling and permitting, and will meet with you to discuss colors, texture, design, and additional projects such as stone accents, paintwork, etc. Your PM will remain with you on the project until completion and will be your point of contact to answer questions, hear and address concerns, and see your project to a satisfactory conclusion. It is much easier on our customers to have a single point of contact, and it helps us streamline and organize your stucco project or stucco repair project on your Denver home.

Step 2: Lath

The Lath process is probably the most important step to a successful stucco project. A finished stucco wall is nearly 1″ thick…that is a lot of weight! For this reason, as well as weatherproofing the underside, the lath stage requires great care and the best product options available.

  1. All necessary permits are pulled with the local building department.
  2. Scaffolding is erected around the home as needed.
  3. All dimensional trim and downspouts are removed from the home and lose siding are secured.
  4. Double 60-minute waterproof weather barrier and 17 gauge wire are wrapped and secured by 2″ staples into wall studs on all surfaces to be stuccoed.
  5. Self-adhesive urethane sealer tape is applied around all door and window openings.
  6. Weep screed is nailed to the bottom of the home’s stuccoed surfaces which allows for moisture drainage, and all other necessary flashing is installed.
  7. Cosmetic pop-outs are added around all window and door openings, as well as other areas on the home as the design,  calls for.
  8. The Regional Building Dept. conducts the first inspection.

Step 3: Base Coat and Mesh

For every stucco siding and repair project, the next stage in the EliteWall system is to apply the base coat, or scratch/brown coat. The base coat is a cement-based stucco that is infused with fiberglass strands to discourage shrinking and cracking. Between the two layers of base coat, we install rolled fiber mesh to further strengthen the base and prevent further future cracking to the stucco surface. This is a very important step in our process, as a strong base is a foundation for the rest of the stucco project or stucco repair. The finished base coat will be approximately 5/8″ to 3/4″ in thickness.

  • The cement base coat is mixed at the job site with sand and fiberglass.
  • The scratch coat is applied by trowel, forcing it into the metal lath, and allowed to set up just enough to apply the fiber mesh to the surface.
  • Fiber mesh is then pushed into the nearly set scratch coat. This is a very important step to create the strongest base coat possible. By adding fiber mesh to the base, the opportunity for future cracking is reduced by 80%. This is a standard feature in the EliteWall system, and is usually only offered as an upgrade option with other stucco contractors.
  • As the fiber mesh is tacked to the setting scratch coat, another layer of base coat is added to the wall, sandwiching the mesh between the base coat layers.
  • Once the base coat is fully installed, we will allow the walls to cure for 5-7 days.

Step 4: Painting the Trim

When stuccoing a home in the Denver, CO areas, we are covering the majority of surfaces with maintenance free stucco siding. However, there are a few surfaces on the home that do not get stucco and need to be painted to complete the look of the finished project. Typically, we will need to paint the soffits, fascia, gutter, downspouts, jambs, doors, garage door and utility boxes attached to the home. Denver Stucco & Stone is a turnkey stucco contractor in the Denver, CO area, so the painting stage in the project will be included. The trim will be painted with Sherwin William’s best exterior paints to provide a beautiful finish and years of protection and durability for your trim and doors. The paint job is executed during the curing phase of the base coat.

  • All painted surfaces are properly prepared by scraping/wire brushing all flaking and peeling paint surfaces.
  • Acrylic primer is applied by brush and roller to all bare wood surfaces.
  • Joints and cracks are caulked with an elastomeric caulking.
  • Loose boards and nail pops are reset, and additional nails/screws will be added as necessary.
  • Top of the line Sherwin William’s paint is then applied. Larger areas of the stucco project are sprayed with 2 wet-on-wet coats, and smaller surfaces are painted by hand.

Step 5: Elastomeric Color Coat

The most rewarding stage in the EliteWall stucco process is the finish coat, or color coat. This is when the home starts to reveal its new, beautiful look! The choices for the finish coat consist of cementitious, acrylic, and elastomeric. The best, most durable option for Denver stucco homes is elastomeric.

Elastomeric finish coats have changed the game in stucco finishes. With elongation of 180% (flexibility), the elastomeric stucco finishes have greatly reduced the occurrence of surface cracking in stucco walls. When used in conjunction with the EliteWall fiberglass-infused base coat and fiber mesh insert, we take every necessary step to reduce and combat surface cracking in our stucco projects. Elastomeric also provides the most advanced moisture control technologies and adds the highest fade resistance for the intense UV rays in Colorado.

Our finish coats are offered in many different colors and textures. One coat elastomeric finishes can be applied with sand and lace textures to any Denver stucco siding or repair project, which are a bit more modern and not as heavy-textured as traditional cement finishes. However, for the homeowner looking for the heavy-texture of traditional stucco, elastomeric can be applied in a 2 coat process to achieve this look. Another option is to finish the pop-outs in a second color, usually to match the trim on the home. All of these options will be presented at the time of your proposal, and our dedicated Project Managers are there to help with color and design decisions every step of the way.

Step 6: Clean-up & Touch-up

Almost done, but as always ‘the devil’s in the details’! Once the color coat is cured, it is time to apply those finishing touches to the stucco siding or stucco repair project.

  • The finish crew will address any blemishes or issues in the stucco finish.
  • Downspouts will be re-hung on the home.
  • The paint crew will address all touch-ups on the painted surfaces and paint the newly-hung downspouts.
  • All scaffolding will be deconstructed and removed from the property.
  • The site will be cleaned of sand, plastic, tape, metal clippings, nails, staples, paint chips, and any other debris created during the project.
  • Your Denver Stucco & Stone Project Manager will perform a final walk-through with you to insure your complete satisfaction.
  • The Regional Building Department will perform their final inspection.
  • You will have a beautiful, energy efficient, maintenance-free home that will be the talk of the neighborhood for years to come!

Limited Lifetime Stucco Warranty

Denver Stucco & Stone offers hands-down the best warranty in the Denver stucco industry. With our Limited-Lifetime Warranty you can rest assured that if your stucco suffers from chipping, peeling, uneven fading, or cracking wider than 1/8″, we will supply the material and labor to fix these issues, for as long as you own your Denver, CO home.

We believe in always being ethical and upfront with our customers, and hairline cracking is not covered in our warranty. Although we take every step and precaution available to prevent hairline cracking to occur, their are too many variables with each individual project to promise no cracking will occur. Ground conditions, foundation conditions, and many other variables will determine the future presence of hairline cracking. Of course, any crack can be repaired if you so desire, and the upgrade option for the 2-coat elastomeric finish with the heavy texture will further prevent cracking and hide any future cracking if it occurs. The warranty only applies to the EliteWall system.

Your Denver Stucco & Stone sales representative will supply you with a copy of our Limited-Lifetime Warranty at the time of your proposal for your stucco project.

This warranty offers you only specific legal rights. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.