Stucco Options For Your Home’s Exterior

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Stucco Options For Your Home’s Exterior

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Stucco | 0 comments

Stucco siding is becoming an increasingly more popular choice to finish a home’s exterior. Thanks to its versatility, the result can have lots of variations in terms of colors and textures.

But, visuals are not the only amazing perk of choosing stucco installation!

What Are the Benefits of Stucco Siding?

Stucco installation can be a very smart investment for 4 key reasons:

1. Fire resistance

Stucco can greatly improve your home’s fire resistance by preventing the flames from reaching the interior walls as much as a full hour, making the entire home a lot safer.

2. Long-lasting and durable

If you want your home’s exterior to present its appeal decades down the line, stucco is the best sliding to achieve this goal.

3. Lower energy bills

This cement-like sliding can be great at preventing air inside your home from getting out, much will greatly reduce your home’s energy bills.

4. Curb appeal

Stucco provides a polished and sleek look that many homeowners love. This greatly improves curb appeal and adds more value to the house.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Stucco Styles?

Remember what we said about stucco being versatile? Here are 7 different styles that are greatly popular:

1. Sand finish

A sand finish requires only one coat of stucco and offers a sandy, grainy texture. It’s quite a popular option especially because it can be achieved fast, and can easily be patched later on if you still have the original color.

2. Dash finish

The dash finish offers a rougher texture that’s quite pleasing to the eye and goes really well with home looking for a natural aesthetic. The finish is sprayed on, and you can control how heavy you want the volume to be.

3. Skip-trowel texture

This is the classic stucco look that requires two coatings to achieve. The result is a perfectly imperfect design that can hide any wall imperfections.

4. Cat face Finish

This style involves mixing large, smooth patches with smaller inclusions (or rough patches) scattered across the walls evenly. It creates a unique design that can really set a home apart.

5. Smooth finish

This is perhaps the most popular, and the most difficult look to achieve. But, if you’re looking for something minimalist yet bold, the smooth finish is the way to go.

6. Santa Barbara finish

This is perfect if you want the look of an old adobe home. It adds small sand particles to the stucco to achieve a unique finish.

7. Worm finish

Also known as a swirl finish, it creates a unique design full of swirls that really sets a home apart. Even if you finish two homes with a warm finish on the same day, the patterns will be greatly different!

Types of Stucco Houses

Stucco can also be easily combined in many different materials:

  • Stucco over siding – you can mix and match stucco and siding to create bold home exterior designs and protect your home from water seeping in;
  • Brick & stucco – the colors of brick and stucco together are truly something special;
  • Stucco & stone – this combination is perfect to create some accents for your home’s exterior and draw in the eye;
  • Stucco & wood – wood siding can cost quite a lot, but adding stucco into the mix cuts down the budget quite a bit, and the results can be spectacular.

Need More help? Call Denver Stucco & Stone

If you want to make the most out of your home renovation project and truly leverage stucco, we at Denver Stucco & Stone can help you. As Denver’s top stucco contractors, we are extremely qualified to help to make the right siding choices.

Our team will design your project and make sure your vision is brought to life, so you can enjoy your home’s upgraded look and make the most out of stucco. Feel free to use our contact form to get a free, no strings attached quote.

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