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Selling Your Home? Update It!

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Home Style | 0 comments

If you plan on selling your home in the near future or even in the next few years, then you must consider which updates will give you the most bang for your buck. While the average buyer expects that they will need to make at least a few investments in their new home, most are not in the market for a full-on fixer upper. Here are a few of the essential pre-sale investments that will update your home making it more attractive to buyers—many of which Denver Stucco & Stone can complete for you. 

The Little Things 

Start by walking through your home to look for the minor repair needs that you have grown so accustomed to that you may no longer notice them. Then start working your way through the list. If you are handy you may be able to complete many of these repairs yourself. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Damaged door frames 
  • Missing weather stripping from windows and doors 
  • Missing or damaged light or electrical strip 
  • Broken toilet lever 
  • Missing washer on leaky faucets 
  • Small holes in the wall 
  • Carpet stains 
  • Rusty or dented mailbox 
  • Old or dirty exterior trash bins 
  • Brown or patchy lawn 
  • Dead or overgrown foliage 

Replace Broken Windows Or Add New Windows 

Broken windows are one of those little things that buyers find unappealing. For a small investment you can replace your one or two cracked, old, drafty, or broken windows. If your windows are dated or you haven’t yet upgraded to energy efficient windows talk to your realtor about the financial benefit of upgrading your windows. As a general rule, if the average buyer would replace their windows after their purchase it’s a good idea to do it before you place your home on the market.  

Spruce Up Your Yard A Bit 

Buyers like lush green lawns with healthy foliage. If that is not how you would describe your lawn or gardens, then it is wise to invest a bit in your lawn and yard before the photographs of your house are taken for your online listing. Not to worry if yard work is not your cup of tea as there are local landscapers who can come in and perform a quick clean up. They can also suggest the best ways to boost your curb appeal. This may include planting a few new shrubs, bushes, or seasonal flowering plants.  

Invest In A New Exterior Door Or Two 

Both your front door and your garage door play a vital role in a buyer’s first impression of your home. In addition to their cosmetic beauty, they improve both energy efficiency and home security. Consider your options in decorative entryways and visually appealing garage doors. A member of the Denver Stucco & Stone team will walk you through the options that will best match the style of your home.  

Repair Your Stucco And Stonework 

If you have stucco, stonework, or a combination of the two now is a good time to have us perform a quick inspection. We will look for hairline cracks in your stucco and any areas in which your stucco siding is vulnerable. If you won’t be moving for at least a few years, consider updating your siding altogether. This might include: 

  • Accents on your stucco siding 
  • Cover old, dated brick and chimney surfaces 
  • Full walls and gables 
  • Porch and patio columns 
  • Outdoor fireplaces, bars, and grills 
  • Mailbox stands 

Paint Your Interior And Exterior 

Almost every seller will need to invest in at least a bit of painting. From touching up areas where holes have been patched to adding a fresh coat of paint to cover up scratches or fading. Most realtors will suggest painting your interior walls in a neutral color, particularly if you have a statement wall or a signature design theme. These can be a distraction to buyers making it difficult to envision your home as theirs. We can paint everything from your stucco to your interior walls, ceilings, cabinets, custom carpentry, and more. We can even help you determine an appealing neutral color. If your exterior siding and paint are in good condition, consider having your siding and walkways pressure washed. 

Replace, Repair, Refinish, Or Deep Clean Your Flooring 

Flooring isn’t one of our services, but it must be mentioned when speaking of the home updates that you must consider before placing your home on the market. Many buyers will replace flooring after they buy, but they will be less than impressed if you have any of the issues below.  

  • If you have worn floor tiles, replace individual tiles—or the entire floor.  
  • If you have chipped cement, have it professionally repaired. 
  • If your wood floors are scratched, refinish your wood. 
  • If your carpet is stained but in good condition, have it deep cleaned. 

Remove Anything Distracting  

If you will be living in your home while it is on the market, you may need to rent a storage space so that you can remove items that buyers may find distracting. This can be emotional for many sellers as you have invested a lot of time and energy in designing and decorating your home. However, you must keep your larger goal in mind—to sell your home as soon as possible. To achieve this goal you must depersonalize your home a bit. This often includes simplifying any cluttered areas, and removing: 

  • Statement artwork 
  • Family photo walls 
  • Decorative collections 
  • Oversized furniture 
  • Excess kid’s toys 
  • Excess pet toys 
  • Sporting equipment 
  • Garage storage containers 

Reach Out Today To Discuss How We Can Help! 

Denver Stucco & Stone provides Denver homeowners with a wide-range of services that will help you beautify and update your home. This includes Interior and Exterior Stonework, Stucco, Windows, Doors, Gutters, Custom Carpentry, and more.


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